The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

Sometimes the simplest things give you the most pleasure….

It’s taken me a long time to perfect my Yorkshire pudding recipe and here it is in all its simplistic glory.  You no longer need to buy the ready made version.  My greedy family need at least three Yorkshires each, so here is the recipe making twelve – perfect for my family of four.  This recipe should give you the perfect Yorkshire, soft and airy, but with crispy edges.yorkshire pudding

Heat your oven – nice and hot – 220C

Using a deep muffin tin (12 hole), give each hole a good glug of vegetable oil and pop in your hot oven for at least five minutes.

In a large mixing bowl, measure 6oz of plain flour – season generously with salt and pepper.

Pour 6 fl oz of milk and 4 fl oz of water into a measuring jug.

Crack two eggs into the bowl with the flour and start mixing with a whisk.

Slowly add your milk and water mixture a little at a time, until you have a silky, pale, golden mixture.

Remove your hot muffin tin from the oven and distribute your mixture evenly.  The oil should sizzle as your pour the mixture in.

Pop back in your hot oven for around 18 minutes.  You can either serve these straight away or set aside and re-heat later.

You won’t be disappointed!  Enjoy!