Donald Trump’s Lunch

I can’t help but wonder.. what is on the President’s daily menu now that he has taken office?

Maybe, he’ll stroll down to The White House canteen and eat with his colleagues, showing them that he’s one of the team?  Or maybe he’ll pop back to his private quarters for a quick bite where Mrs Trump has laid out a mouth watering spread?

Both of the above I find doubtful.  Isn’t it more likely that he has a tailored menu with his choice of favorites cooked to order and then butler served on a silver tray to him at his leisure?2015-01-29-HumblePie

So, what would be on the call order menu?  Would there be Mexican food, would there be any imported products or would he stick purely to an American menu – sourced and prepared by an all star American team of chefs?  Whatever is on his menu now will surely changed in the coming days, possibly the addition of humble pie?

Any suggestions?